I didn’t receive my purchase!

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If you make a purchase, and it doesn't automatically appear in-game, please wait 10 or 15 minutes and check the PURCHASE tab in the game for your purchase. You should see a green notification icon on the CHAT button to show you new purchase has been listed in the PURCHASE tab.


Tap the CHAT button at the top left of the screen to enter the chat menu.

If you're not already on the PURCHASE tab, tap on the right arrow on the top of the screen until you are. You will then see your purchase listed. Tap on the COLLECT button to collect your purchase:


If you have still not received your purchase, please submit a support ticket with your full receipt/s (simply copy and paste the text or attach a screenshot) for the missing purchase/s. - Open A New Support Ticket

When submitting a new support ticket, please include the following information:

  • Estimated Date, Time & Local Timezone, this will help us to identify your purchase from our records.
  • Your PlayerID, which you can find by following this guide How do I find my PlayerID. Without this information, it will make it harder for us to assist you with your purchase.

This will also allow us to add the missing purchase to your game remotely.

All payments are processed through Google Play or Apple (depending on your device).

You will usually receive an email receipt for purchases from the Store shortly after making a purchase.

If you have not received a receipt but have been debited for the purchase, the purchase should be present in your order history.

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