How do I take a Screenshot?

It is helpful if you can provide a screenshot with your ticket (where possible) to help us better understand the issue you are experiencing.

We recommend you do an internet search for how to take a screenshot on your particular device but here are some general instructions:

 How do I take a screenshot (iOS):

  1. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top or side of your device
  2. Immediately press and release the Home button
  3. To find your screenshot, go to the Photos app > Albums and tap Camera Roll

 How do I take a screenshot (Android):

  1. Press and hold the volume down and power buttons at the same time.
    1. (Samsung Devices) Press and Hold the Power Button + Home Button at the same time until you see a white border flash around the outside of the screen.
  2. To find your screenshot, browse to your Pictures > Screenshots folder.
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